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   3D VolumeXP ActiveX control
  VolumeXP ActiveX control provides advanced computer graphics for confocal microscopy and magnetic resonance imaging. The control allows you to inspect 4D image stack as photo-realistic surface.
  The control is aimed for software development for confocal microscopy and medical imaging.
  The VolumeXP control features unique set of 3D measurement tools that provide intuitive and fast user feedback for volume measurements.
  The control is designed for fast application development with  ActiveX aware environment like Visual C++, Visual Basic. 
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OpenGL based, real-time render
4D image stack to 3D surface constructor, isosurfacing
4D voxel smoothing
Multi- layer 3D surfaces
Fast animation
Interactive and easy user interface with 3D window
Mouse drag controlled rotation
Light control, position and intensity 
All sizes zoom
Contour plots
Custom input file formats support
True 3D XYZ axis
3D measuring tools
3D labels
Flexible output JPG, BMP, AVI
Scanning confocal optical microscopy
Confocal microscopy (CM)
Laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM)
Fluorescence confocal microscopy (FCM)
Magnetic resonance research, MRI stack processing and visualization
Biological science imaging
Computed tomography imaging (CT Scan, CAT Scan)
4D volume visualization
.:Generic and GIS data control:.
  Available as executable applications and ActiveX components for VC++, .NET, VB    
  Custom solutions are implemented on VC++, .NET, and VB programming platforms  
  OS: Windows NT/9x/ME/2000/XP  

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