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   3D SurfXP Engine

MS MacroSystem develops cutting edge computer graphics software for science and technology. Our 3D SurfXP engine is specifically designed to meet scientific visualization requirements. The engine incorporates our unique set of comprehensive tools for fast and accurate measurements in 3D space.

  3D SurfXP is flexible and powerful engine that can be customized for variety of graphical applications.
  We provide custom solutions and developer components based on 3D SurfXP engine. We work closely with our customers to adapt the engine to concrete application with maximum performance and simplicity of operation.
  Our 3D engine is designed for quick creation of the professional images and animation from various 3D and 4D datasets such as GIS, MRI, CT scan, computer simulation, etc. 
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   Main features
OpenGL based, fast real-time render
Level of detail (LOD) implementation for large datasets
Fast animation, OpenGL acceleration
Adjustable animation rate
Interactive user-friendly interface
Pseudo-colors with flexible palettes
Lights and shadows
Tunable light control, position and intensity 
Reflections and transparency (blending) support
Separate zoom in X, Y and Z directions
Contour plots
Texture mapping support
Multiple 3D objects
Mouse interaction: feedback, selection, coordinates read-out
Output JPG, BMP, AVI
   3D Measuring Tools
  The measurement tools are interactive with mouse operation within 3D window. You can use the tools for easy, fast and accurate measurement of the geometry of the surface under inspection. The tools provide events that return all necessary coordinates of the features of interest.
Slicers: orthogonal cut planes
1D cut: (intersections) read out
Volume tool: semitransparent cube that returns position of the anchors
Markers: multiple markers (pins)
Distance tool: interconnected double pin that returns the XYZ difference of 2 points on the surface
Area: multiple semitransparent boxes that return range of interest (ROI) coordinates
Report Tool: optional sub-window that shows measurement result 
Mouse position tool: you can read mouse position in XYZ space just as you move mouse over the surface.
Multiple 3D labels: selectable color, position, orientation 
True 3D XYZ axis*, user format or auto formatted
Scalable captions, labels, grids*



Nanometrology, nanotechnology, nanomanipulation
Surface metrology
Surface analysis, characterization
Microscopy, AFM, SPM, SNOM
Biological science imaging
Imaging spectroscopy
GIS visualization 
Forensic image enhancement
Magnetic Resonance Research (MRI stack processing)
Computed tomography imaging (CT Scan, CAT Scan)
Surface chemistry
4D volume visualization
Neurology, neuromonitoring, biofeedback, neurofeedback
Earthwork, construction estimation cut and fill ::Tour>
Electroencephalography (EEG) time resolved spectra
  Available as executable applications and ActiveX components for VC++, .NET, VB    
  Custom solutions are implemented on VC++, .NET, and VB programming platforms  
  OS: Windows NT/9x/ME/2000/XP  

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