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  Gallery of 3D images produced by 3D Surface Visualization software
  Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM, SPM, STM) images
  DVD/CD:  3D measuring tools SPM tip test: 3D measuring tools  Semiconductor integrated circuit: contour, 3D measuring tools HD MFM magnetic image Polymer AFM image
  Microspheres on mica Blood cells, volume measuring tool, 3D axis Blood cells, marking message, 3D axis Steel gauge block surface

Si surface dislocation. Volume measuring tool depth and height read out


Nanoparticles Analysis, courtesy
Dr. Kannan Raghuraman,
University of Missouri-Columbia

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  Forensic 3D Image Processing
  Different ink detection for questioned document examiners. 3D Measuring tools in Forensics. 3D forensic image with interactive markers 3D forensic image with Volume and area measuring tools
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  Electroencephalography (EEG) , neurodiagnostics
  Time resolved EEG spectrum analysis. Orthogonal cuts and height measuring tools. Measurement of EEG spectrum details with 3D markers and cut plane.  
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