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Spectrum processor

During 2 years of R&D, original color processor software was developed, based on Hyper Spectrum processing.
Original patent pending method was developed for color enhancement of imaging spectrometer output. The exceptional sensitivity and broad spectral range permits to detect very small differences in similar inks.

  • 16 bits per color channel processing
  • Imager calibration
  • Flexible spectral range selection
  • Original color enhancement algorithm
  • Split screen for simultaneous ink analysis from 2 separate documents
  • Markers for reference and questioned ink comparison 
  • Area of interest zoom
  • Processed image reporting 
  • Saving document and processing options (job save)
3D view

3D visualization software helps to see tiny differences in inks and pen pressure as well as to detect drawing sequence of the lines. The 3D forensic viewer is a valuable tool for handwriting examiners.

  • User friendly interface 
  • Fast real time output (rotation in all angles to optimize observation) 
  • Flexible zoom in all directions
  • Color palettes
  • Light adjustment 
  • Web friendly output images
  • Measurement of features
  • Profiling of 3D features
  • SDK and Developers ActiveX components
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10th International Conference on Currency Counterfeiting
5th International Conference on Fraudulent
 Travel Documents

8th European Conference for Police and Government Document Experts 
2nd Conference of the European Document Experts Working Group (EDEWG) 
Bratislava, Slovak Republic, September 25th - 28th 2002

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