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MST-1  Forensic Spectral Micro Scanner for Questioned Document Experts

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Scientific approach in Document analysis: user friendly, fast, professional, affordable. 

MST-1  is the top-line the most sensitive spectral imaging scanner for normal size and micro-scale document examination. The system is based on digital imaging spectroscopy hardware and utilizes original 2D/3D image processing software. The instrument is designed for  examination of the objectively measurable physical parameters, and it is aimed for forensic document experts involved with questioned document inspection. 

 MST-1 Spectral Scanner  together with ForensicXP-4010  Imaging Spectrometer represent a new generation of nondestructive tools for authenticity determination of different types of documents and handwritings.

Key Features:
Nondestructive analysis of questioned document in presence of seemingly equal but physically different features
High-resolution 12 bits digital spectral imaging in visible and infrared light
The highest technology in authenticity determination of different types of documents
Spectral imaging of absorption, reflectance, transmittance and fluorescence of questioned document using hyper spectrum technique 
High-quality zoom optics suitable for micro- and macro-size documents (up to x420)
Original 2D image processing software for spectral enhancement of questioned features, 16 bits processor
Advanced on-line digital signal and image processing for direct analysis of documents for their originality and writing line sequence indications
3D visualization software for advanced analysis of measured features in questioned document. A valuable tool designed for pen pressure analysis and line sequence determination

 see also ForensicXP-4010  Imaging Spectrometer



10th International Conference on Currency Counterfeiting
5th International Conference on Fraudulent Travel Documents

8th European Conference for Police and Government Document Experts 
2nd Conference of the European Document Experts Working Group (EDEWG) 
Bratislava, Slovak Republic, September 25th - 28th 2002

Distributed by: MS MacroSystem Nederland

Professional document examination easy and fast 

Line sequence indications with 3D visualization

Chemically different ink detection


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