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ForensicXP-4010 Imaging Spectrometer for Questioned Document Experts 

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    Scientific approach in Document analysis: user friendly, fast, professional, affordable. 
ForensicXP-4010 is the only commercially available forensic digital imaging spectrograph for both large- and micro-scale document examination. The system is based on digital imaging spectroscopy hardware and utilizes original 2D/3D image processing software. The instrument is designed for  examination of the objectively measurable physical parameters, and it is aimed for forensic document experts involved with questioned document inspection. 
ForensicXP-4010 Imaging Spectrometer together with  MST-1 Spectral Scanner  represent a new generation of nondestructive tools for authenticity determination of different types of documents and handwritings.

Key Features:
Nondestructive analysis of questioned document in presence of seemingly equal but physically different features
High-resolution color and infrared digital imaging 
Spectral imaging of absorption, reflectance, transmitance and fluorescence of questioned document using hyper spectrum technique 
Powerful x20 Zoom optics suitable for micro- and macro-size documents
Unlimited size document in  “Auto Stitch” mode of operation 
Advanced on-line digital signal and image processing for direct analysis of documents for their originality and writing line sequence indications
3D visualization software for advanced analysis of measured features in questioned document. A valuable tool designed for pen pressure analysis and line sequence determination
Full automated, PC controlled operation
Single-box integrated device (535x510 mm bench space) equipped with up to date PC 

Spectral Enhancement of Questioned Features in Imaging Spectroscopy: Basics of Operation
   The most important tool of a document examiner is his or her vision, but obtaining vivid images of minute or obliterated objects with the naked eye is not always an easy task. Specially designed lenses, modern optoelectronics and digital technologies can, in many cases, help to solve the questions in documents under inspection. ForensicXP-4010 represents a new generation of instruments developed for the document examination, based on precise spectral measurement of the micro-specimens. Each specimen is individually measured to form an image that is visualized using advanced dedicated original algorithm that enhances spectral features of the specimens. The patent pending method newly developed in our Institute that can be classified as Spectrally Enhanced Imaging Spectroscopy (SEIS) has proved to be especially useful for different ink detection and sequence of the lines determination. 
    Using modern spectral imaging technology and advanced processing, it is possible to detect very small differences between inks and papers, as well as to reveal obliterated materials. Most of the traditional methods of forensic analysis rely on “eyeballing” of an image/specimen visualized at 256 levels of grayscale. An examiner eye is capable of distinguishing, on average, about 20-30 individual grayscale levels. The actual number depends upon individual eye sensitivity as well as the physical condition of observation, such as angle of view, object shape, size and boundaries. ForensicXP-4010 is designed to enhance your analysis work by assisting substantial increase of the eye capability. The instrument precisely captures optical visible and near-infrared spectrum of each image point, records resulting hyper spectrum and, sequentially, processes the spectrum by special algorithm to enhance questioned features.  Finally, the result is painted in an easy-to- see form on a PC screen. Compared to a grayscale operation, the human eye and brain are capable of distinguishing at least several tens of thousands of different individual colors, with corresponding increase of the dynamic range of the observer perception. Another important consideration is that the examiner in most of the cases is concerned with color difference rather than with color itself. In general, when objects are viewed adjacent to each other they appear to be more different than when viewed in isolation. In such relative and comparative observations the human vision is acting in such a way as to enhance our ability to detect color differences. In this respect ForensicXP-4010 follows the natural human way of document analysis, based on color difference associated with physically different origin of the examined features. 
    Thanks to the dedicated digital hyper spectrum measurement, optimized processing and true color visualization the ForensicXP-4010 can reveal some hidden features of the questioned document that are invisible by other contemporary instruments. Among the other important features of ForensicXP-4010 one should note the non-destructive principles of examination, decision making based on objectively measured optical parameters of the document. With this new tool, the examiner is gaining unprecedented sensitivity, as well as the accuracy and validity of decision. Once you see its benefits you cannot do without it!

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