MST-1 Spectral Scanner
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ForensicXP-4010 Imaging Spectrometer for Questioned Document Experts

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CCD color camera 838x1164 pixels RGB output
Spectral response
350 to 1000 nm
Field of view 
from 10x7,5 mm to 200x150 mm
Zoom Lens with auto-focusing and auto-iris  coaxial lighting
zoom x20 motorized
Iris range F 1.2 - 1000
 -UV, incident and transmitted 
 -UV, incident 
 -Incident, adjustable spot size 
 -Transmitted, behind diffusing window 
 -Lense coaxial, fiber optic adapter
 -Oblique, angle and position adjustable 

365 nm
256 nm
Imaging filter 
Linear variable interference filter
Passband FWHM  25-45 nm at 500 nm
35-50 nm at 700 nm
40-65 nm at 900 nm 
Spectral analysis bandwidth
5 to 650 nm
Minimal examination area
13x13 micron
Spectral measurements dynamic range
up to 100 dB
Bench space requirement 
535x510 mm
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