MST-1 Spectral Scanner
ForensicXP Imaging Spectrometer
Forensic Software 2D/3D
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Forensic Digital Spectral Scanners for Questioned Document Experts 

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3D Forensic Software
Scientific approach in Document analysis
MST-1: Forensic Spectral Micro Scanner
New generation of nondestructive tools for authenticity determination of different types of documents and handwritings. Full digital imaging spectrometer of high resolution.
ForensicXP-4010 : Imaging Spectrometer 
Forensic digital imaging spectrograph with advanced software for both large- and micro-scale questioned document examination. 
2D Hyper Spectrum software
Original color enhancement software, based on Hyper Spectrum processing.

Forensic 3D image software
3D visualization software for Forensic image enhancement. Can be used with optical systems and Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPM, AFM). Aimed for detection of fine structure of the output images produced by modern high resolution instruments. In combination with Digital hyper-spectral imaging equipment the 3D software allows to detect drawing sequence of the lines with >85% of correct hit statistics. 

3D Graphics at MS MacroSystem Nederland
3D Visualization as the Art of Science 


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