CD, DVD disks / CD, DVD stamplers
3D visualization of a surface measured with an atomic force microscope
AFM height image vVisualized with 3D software  .:3D AFM/SPM control:.

DVD stampler AFM image to 3D surface.
The surface is visualized together with interactive 3D measuring tools: depth / area / volume / 3D Axis and mouse touch read out.
DVD AFM image processed by interactive 3D visualization software  .:3D AFM/SPM control:.

DVD stampler with measuring tools: : depth/height/distance/area/volume read out
Visualized with   .:3D AFM/SPM control:.

DVD disk with measuring tools: depth/area/distance/volume read out 
Visualized with   .:3D AFM/SPM control:.

CD stampler with orthogonal cut planes (slicers) for profile reading
Visualized with   .:3D AFM/SPM control:.

DVD with measuring tools: depth/area/volume read out

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