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   Digital CCD ActiveX control
  MS MacroSystem offers the ActiveX control that allows fast development of the application software for digital cameras.
  The control is aimed for image acquisition software development with  ActiveX aware environment like Visual C++, Visual Basic. 
  The control features C++ internal fast  DLL, that permits live operation without loosing fps.

The control is designed to be easy for VB programmer. The control can be used together with 3D ActiveX control for streamline 3D visualization / enhancement of images.
CMOS Camera specifications

Live Window
Fast C++ internal processing with double buffer
Up to 30 fps
Scalable image Frame
Set parameters of the camera: integration time, Gain, Binning, etc.
Both 8-bits and 12-bits operation
Direct access to frame buffer (frame data array)
Save frame as bitmap, JPG or 12-bit raster
AVI Codec's, save movie 
ROI selection tool
CCD Standard Camera specifications
CCD High Quantum Efficiency Camera specifications
Low light level imaging
High resolution microscopy
Machine vision and industrial applications
Bioluminescence / chemoluminescence
Luminescence spectroscopy
Biological science imaging
Red and NIR fluorescence applications
Imaging spectroscopy
Imaging of bio markers (e.g. GFP)
  Available as executable applications and ActiveX components for VC++, .NET, VB    
  Custom solutions are implemented on VC++, .NET, and VB programming platforms  
  OS: Windows NT/9x/ME/2000/XP  

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