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  Digital Laser 3D Beam Profiler
  MS MacroSystem offers laser beam profiling solutions for laser beam measurement, diagnostics and analysis. The Digital Laser Beam Profiler allows you to analyse laser output quickly and accurately.
  The profiler utilizes our advanced computer graphics engine for measurement of the laser beam featured in both 2D and 3D
  The profiler features high resolution full digital 12 bits image acquisition and advanced 2D/3D processing software.
  MS MacroSystem provides custom solutions for laser beam measurement.
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User friendly 2D/3D interface
OpenGL based fast real-time 3D engine
Beam profiling with mouse controlled slicers
3D Contour surface
All sizes zoom
Multiple 3D labels
3D animation, rotation
3D live update
3D/2D domain view, 2D cut view
User palettes
True least-square Gaussian fit
True least square Ellipse fit
ISO knife, edge calculation
Full power, user bucket power calculation
Beam statistics
Flexible output (JPG, BMP, AVI)
Custom formats, hardware support
   3D Measuring Tools
  The 3D measurement tools are optional and can be configuried for custom solution.
Slicers: orthogonal cut planes
1D cut: (intersections) read out
Volume tool: semitransparent cube that returns position of the anchors
Markers: multiple markers (pins)
Distance tool: interconnected double pin that returns the XYZ difference of 2 points on the surface
Area: multiple semitransparent boxes that return range of interest (ROI) coordinates
Report Tool: optional sub-window that shows measurement result 
Mouse position tool: you can read mouse position in XYZ space just as you move mouse over the surface.
Multiple 3D labels: selectable color, position, orientation 
True 3D XYZ axis*, user format or auto formatted
Scalable captions, labels, grids*



  Laser Beam Profiler Hardware

Imager CMOS full digital
Blooming suppression 100000
Pixel Size 1280x1024 pixels
Pixel Pitch 7x7 microns
Active image area 8.96x7.17 mm
Digitizer 12 bit
Interface options

40 MHz LCVD, FireWire, USB

Spectral response 300-1100 nm
Gain software controlled
Integration time up to 10 s
ROI free selectable
Frame rate up to 50 fps, with ROI
OEM Mmanufactured by our partner Vector International.
Imager CCD full digital 1/4"
Pixel Size 640x480 pixels
Pixel Pitch 5.6x5.6 microns
Active image area 2.7x3.6 mm
Digitizer 10 bit, out 8 bit


Spectral response 300-1100 nm
Gain software controlled
Integration time up to 10 s
ROI free selectable
Frame rate up to 30 fps


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  Available as executable applications and ActiveX components for VC++, .NET, VB, Delphi   
  Custom solutions are implemented on VC++, .NET, and VB programming platforms  
  OS: Windows NT/9x/ME/2000/XP  

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