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   3D computer graphics from MS MacroSystem

MS MacroSystem offers professional 3D and 4D graphics software for science and technology that allows you to analyze data quickly and accurately. Our unique set of interactive 3D measurement tools was specifically developed to meet requirements of nanotechnology, nanometrology and nanomanipulation.

  MS MacroSystem provides custom software solutions and components for scientific research in the field of scanning microscopy (SPM, AFM, STM, SNOM, NSOM, etc.) 
  We have developed set of graphical 3D measurement tools that allows you accurate data analysis in most natural and interactive way.
  Our software scientific visualization package is designed for quick creation of the professional images and animation from various 3D and 4D datasets such as GIS, MRI, CT scan, time resolved spectra, computer simulation, etc. 
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   Applications by field
Dimensional metrology
Surface metrology, measurement
Surface analysis, characterization
Microscopy, AFM, SPM, SNOM
Nanometrology, nanotechnology
Computer simulation
Biological science imaging
Imaging spectroscopy
GIS visualization 
Forensic image enhancement
Magnetic Resonance Research (MRI stack processing)
Computed tomography imaging (CT Scan, CAT Scan)
Surface chemistry
4D volume visualization
Earthwork, construction estimation cut and fill, CAD  ::Tour>
Neurology, biofeedback, neurodiagnostics
Hydrographic Survey, Dredging   ::Tour>
   Applications by instrument
Atomic force microscope, AFM
Scanning probe microscope, SPM
Scanning tunneling microscope, STM
Laser beam profiler / analyzer
Scanning near field optical microscope, SNOM, NSOM 
Confocal microscope, CM, LSCM
Laser profiler and stylus profiler
CT Scanner
Electroencephalograph (EEG)
GC x GC spectroscope
  Available as executable applications and ActiveX components for VC++, .NET, VB    
  Custom solutions are implemented on VC++, .NET, and VB programming platforms  
  OS: Windows NT/9x/ME/2000/XP  

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