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Advanced 3D visualization
3D Laser Beam Profiler has inherited advanced visualization capabilities of OpenGL, the most realistic interpretation of the surface detail. Among the other advantages of the 3D visualization important is the possibility to analyze fine beam details in real time with interactive tools. User friendly 3D interface implements many interactive clickable features in 3D window. 

3D window is rendered in real time with up to 30 fps, no need to use wire-frames while adjusting 3D position or angles. The 3D surface can be zoomed and scrolled in all directions.

Interactive 3D orthogonal cut planes tool (slicers). The tool is designed for fast laser beam profiling with mouse controlled X,Y planes in 3D window. The software reads intersection between laser beam and the plane for 2D plotting and analysis.
3D Contour surface tool. 
The tool is used for 3D laser beam mapping. Contour plot gives better perception of the laser beam profiles in Z elevation direction. The contour plot in conjunction with color map produces the laser beam map.

Image enhancement with Light Adjustment tool

Light direction adjustment in 3D space. The Laser Beam fine structure is better visualized at certain angle of incidence. The fast render is vital for this operation as it allows to observe the output just as you move the light or rotate the laser beam surface.
Fine detail inspection
The 3D plot provides fine detail of the laser beam under inspection. on the left side see example of non calibrated (upper plot) and calibrated (lower plot) CMOS sensor. The pixel noise on upper plot is obvious. 
2D domain view 
2D laser beam plot with automatically created true least square ellipse fit. The 1D plots of the beam profile and corresponding Gaussian fits are automatically drawn at right and bottom of the 2D window. User defined palettes are used for pseudo coloring the laser beam image with Look Up Table (LUT).
Cut View Tool
1D plot tool is designed for fast laser beam profile inspection in 1D domain. The plots are immediately drawn while user moves 3D cut-plane (within 3D window) or 2D target point (within 2D window). In Live mode user observe live updated intersections. Laser beam 1D profiles can be saved as BMP/JPG picture or as ASCII (CSV) file for reporting.
User Bucket Tool
The tool is used to select any elliptical area for analysis. The Laser spot can be analyzed within area of the automatically generated Ellipse (least square Ellipse fit) as well as within any elliptical area defined by user (User Bucket).
Data Table View/Edit tool gives access to pixel data values:
- View and edit data set
- clipboard copy/paste data subsets
- redraw data or subset
- multiple tables support
- save data table
- data exchange with spreadsheet application (Excel, Lotus, etc.)
Laser Beam statistics:
-ISO knife, ISO slit calculation
-Full power, user bucket power calculation
-Ellipse fit with parameter reporting
-True least square Gaussian fit. 

NOTE: The Gaussian function is not polynomial, that is why fitting with true least square criteria is not a straight forward task. We have developed true Gaussian fit algorithm that results in better laser beam parameter analysis.

Live Power Plot tool
The tool is designed for laser tune and adjustment. The power is drawn in live mode immediately after image acquisition. The plot is Scrolled left as new data arrive. For PRO version users the drawn parameter is customizable. 
PRO version of the 3D Laser Beam Profiler software

The advanced beam analysis with set of dedicated 3D tools:
-3D axis
-3D distance, area, volume measurement
-3D labels
-3D markers (pins)

Internally 3D window is implemented as ActiveX component with many associated features. The 3D ActiveX component is available for VB, VC++ developers*. 

The 3D laser beam software provides flexible input/output as well as automation interface. This makes it possible to use the software with 3rd party hardware. For PRO version users MS Macrosystem offers custom file format support and custom hardware support. 

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